Thank you shahid for giving us your precious time. You are most welcome!
I am honored. Thank you for this opportunity!

“I have divided this book in three portions: First one is the concise history of Muslims, second one deals with the understanding of the verses of Sarah Tawbah in its context and the Last and the most important one deal with the cause and importance of derivation of this narrative and its rivalry with the counter narrative”

So, tell us about yourself?
I am Shahid Amin Malik from Nagam, Kulgam. I have recently completed XII standard in super-medical. I have been selected in North-American educational institutions but unfortunately I could not start my academic session in this year because of pandemic. Hopefully, I will begin my academic journey in the beginning of 2021. Moreover, I am the author of the book “Narrative of Islamic expeditions”.

How and when you started your journey as a writer?
Two dimensions are the legacy of this question. First one is the psychological or ideological journey and second one is the actual steps in the realm of writing. As far as initial one is concerned, it started since the recognition of my inner-consciousness. Therewas the acquaintance of works of eminent scholars, agreements and disagreements with them, followed by the fluctuations of my own thought process which finally took me to the amiable understanding of the issue which I am discussing in my book. Then the actual opportunity of giving word to my thoughts came during this pandemic.Therefore, I can say that I was blessed with the opportunity even in this adversity, as I completed my precious book during these tough times.

What was your parent’s reaction when they got to know about your writings?
Blissfully, my parents and family are cooperative. They possess an extraordinary belief on me and my decisions. They never restrictme from my strange approaches. When I started working on my book, I got the full social, financial, moral support from them, which was the prerequisite for its compilation. And when I took my book to its climax, there was also not any exaggeration in gratitude and happiness. They behaved normally by just telling me “it is not the end, but just one milestone of your destination”. I have learned this approach from them that never be too muchover-zealous or distracted by success or failure, always be static, because that is long-lasting and the key of serenity. 

Why do you write?
As I mentioned, writing is just the manifestation of thoughts. And, the development of thoughts is unique in every person. Corollary, everyone’s writing is unique and it has something special for every human being. When I write, I do not focus on the literature but on the content. It is also the most efficient, convenient and long-lasting way of expressing ideas.

Any difference you feel in yourself because of writing?
Definitely, writing has blessed me with so many gifts. First and the foremost thing is the concretization of own ideas through the comparative study and the logical deduction of subjects. Secondly, I find an inexpressible serenity and tranquility during writing. The journey of imagination beyond the physical dimensions is the only blessing which I get throughwriting. I think, this is the real difference which I experienced because of writing. 

You have written a book, titled as “The narrative of Islamic expeditions: Then and now”. What’s it all about?
Well, the book deals with, one of themost misapprehended and sensitive issues of the contemporary world. As its name reveals that it is about the narrative among Muslims about the expeditions and international relations in the world. Sometimes, this narrative is misunderstood by Non-Muslims as well as by Muslims which leads to Islamophobia and violence in respective groups. The misunderstanding is because of its demanding knowledge of Islamic history and scripture which unfortunately is lacking amongmost people of these groups. That is why, I have divided this book in three portions: First one is the concise history of Muslims, second one deals with the understanding of the verses of Sarah Tawbah in its context. Last and the most important one deals with the cause and importance of derivation of this narrative and its rivalry with the counter narrative.

Authors you have inspired by and whom you admire a lot?
There are so many dimensions in which I have been influenced by many great personalities. The list is so long that I cannot decide whom should I choose and whom should I not. Irespect and admire them all but at the same time;I do not let their affection to overshadow their mistakes. I believe that for the reformative approaches in epistemology, one has to go beyond the ultimate association with past authors and scholars. Despite, many difference, I acknowledge all of them for their sincere devotion towards humanity.

How do you handle demotivating responses?
I think, if anyone starts any journey, pessimistic responses are inseparable. Now, the deciding factor is the caliber of understanding the futile and theconstructivenegative responses. One has to choose the genuine negative responses and strengthen his wall of personality with them. As far the illogical demotivating responses are concerned, one has to ignore them and believe his work. 

What would be your message to aspiring writers?
I don think that I am eligible for advice to aspiring writers. I just want to say that whenever you feel that you have anything special for the world, you have uniqueness in your message, just come forward, if not today buttomorrow, and will definitelyrecognize you. Give yourfocus on quality not just one more addition to the shelf of innumerableunread books.

Thank you, shahid! We wish you luck and success.
Pleased! Infact, thank you for the wishes.