“I believe writing makes you feel valued unlike sharing with people who after listening to your heart makes you feel highly underrated. So I just prefer paper over people”.

Today, Sumairah is with us! You’re Welcome!
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Q: So, tell us about yourself?
I’m Sumairah Sultan. I hail from Langate area of district Kupwara. I am currently preparing for UG entrances. I published my debut book recently which is titled as “”Besieged Paradise”. Besides writing I’m interested in painting, sketching and reading to some extent. I never thought of becoming a published author though thanks to Lieper Publications for making it easy for me.
In addition, I love philanthropic activities which prove quite cumulative for one’s inner recreation. I am not a bibliophile like most of the writers are but mysticism related books and personages attracts me. I love reading Sufism. Furthermore, the situation in our valley overwhelms me differently and most of my write ups are correlated to it.

Q : How you started your journey as a writer?
From the very tender age I used to write random thoughts and poetry also. That was actually all about diversion because writing literally wipes out my stress and anxiety.  And infact I am not sure about how I started to write. It was somehow congenital. I believe  on holding a pen confidently to jot down whatever I observed and noticed is what sighted the obscure writer in me. With time I realized my subtle prowess and so worked out hard for it. I write on many themes be it social stigma related or conflicts, beauty and much more.

Q : What was your parent’s reaction when they got to know about your writings?
I kept my write ups concealed until I eventually made the decision to publish them. They were inspirited and felt cosmic bliss on coming to know. Nevertheless, they developed goose bumps, since , most of my write ups are conflict  concerned. They even stifled me from publishing but thanks to Mr. Faheem Bhat for editing my writings up to the best and convenient level. He dissembled some explicit instincts from my poetry. Then only I was able convince my parents.

Q: Why do you write?
As I already mentioned I believe writing is the best option for you to come out of stress. Moreover, pen drains out your subtle feelings and you really feel light hearted. I believe writing makes you feel valued unlike sharing with people who after listening to your heart makes you feel highly underrated. So I just prefer paper over people.

Q: Any difference you feel because of writing?
Honestly, sometimes I feel socially unfit just because most of the times my thoughts contradicts with that of other people. I like isolation and it really elevates my credibility of writing. Besides, we have to agree that a writer isn’t a common citizen. He/she encompasses the revolutionary powers. Most of the revolutions across the world were brought by writers solely. So there is a lot of difference.

Q: You have written a book, titled as “Besieged Paradise”. What is it all about?
My debut book “Besieged Paradise” is a collection of poems that I have written many years ago. I can say those poems are simply my musings. It’s all about my childhood memories and mostly contains the conflict related writings.

Q: Are you working on something new as of now?
I am not specifically working on something new yet I write sometimes.

Q: How was your response of your book from audience?
1Since, my book was launched recently so I can’t predict about it. But, I hope that people will love it In Sha Allah!

Q: How reading enhances our writing skills?
Although I am not an enthusiastic reader but I used to read editorials and entire newspaper regularly which helped me a lot. And yeah reading is must to enhance your writing skills because it rapidly increases your vocabulary and also builds up your confidence.

Q: What would be your message to aspiring writers?
My clear cut message for aspiring writers is that ‘give proper shape to your potential because you have the power to transmute the phenomena’.

Thank you, Sumairah for being here. Best wishes!
I am pleased! Thank you so much!